Friday, May 8, 2009

Eating For Experience

Everyone need to eat.

Some eat to survive, while some live to eat.

Depending on one's need and enjoyment level, eating can be fun, that is, if done properly.

Tasting food is an experience. It is a learning process and a good one too.

It triggers the taste sense of human.

Finding out the key ingredients within the food tasted can be interesting. It makes you wonder what causes the food to be of that taste, and how does the various ingredients blend or mix with each other.

Of course, all this is done for the sake of finding out about food, not to grow in physical size!

Leisure in eating, is thus, wonderful when you have an objective towards eating.

Finding out the dining environment issue with food tasting atmosphere is also another area to visit. Food tasting in a different dining setup may matters.
How good is the food?
This is a subjective question.

But all in all, eating is an experience, and can be definitely done with leisure in mind.

Cheers to eating!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Watching Fishes Swim

Have you really look at what goes on inside a fish tank?

Of course, the tank has to have fishes and space for the living things to move about.

Notice the freedom of the fishes. Do you feel relax?

Do you find the special feeling, after a day of hard work, that just by looking at the fishes swim, you are putting yourself into the leisure mood?

This is really a different in style compared to other type of leisure.

Keeping a fish tank is one of the wonderful enjoyable activity you can have.

It puts you into a kind of feeling, moving with the fishes as they glide along the water.

The smooth motion of the fins and tails resembles beautiful music being played.

Take a look, a quite one, at a fish tank, if you have a chance.
You will find the different.

Nice fish watching.....


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Daydreaming | A Form of Leisure

Everyone daydreams.

It is human to do that.
The brain wanders to far-away places and places of impossibilities.
Things got done without actual doing.
Fights were fought without physical injuries.

Leisure was pursued without monetary cost during daydreaming.
Isn't this wonderful?

Yes, daydreaming is a leisure, if it does not disrupt actual work or study.

Daydreaming, in fact, is healthy to the mind. It automatically shifts your mind to the creative gear ready to produce ideas not possible in the actual world.

This is so because your mind is relaxed. Leisure feeling causes the relax mindset.

Daydreaming as a form of leisure is thus good if you practice that in an appropriate setting.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Reading A Novel

Reading is leisure in a special way. Why so?

Reading leads you into another world. A world that you can never go to in real life.
This is particular so for novel.

Novel-reading is fantastic. It relaxes the mind, leading you to a journey of fun and exciting, or a frightening one if you prefer that.

Books of stories are nice. It makes you wander through dimension never able to be reached physically. It trains the mind for imagination and creative works.

Leisure sure it is. Reading a novel can be done anytime, anywhere and any age.

HApPy reading.... ( a novel)

:= )

Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Leisure Looking

Have you just simply sit down and watch?

Watching things flow pass and letting your mind do leisure thinking.

Just looking at them makes your mind relax. This is possible if you have no constraints for your thoughts. Simply let them glide.

Leisure thinking in style. Yes, it is wonderful.

You will learn, in fact, from what is passing by.
You will realise yourself too.

Through the things that pass by your eyes, you will realise that you are part of them and the environment you are in.

You are no different from any person that you noticed.
Don't think too deep, though. Otherwise, the leisure effect will be gone.

Just relax and dreams with the things that flow by.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Exercise to a Relax Mind - the lesiure form

Have you exercise to the extend that you really felt tired physically?

If you have, do you feel a sense of mental relaxation?

This is the "trick" to being active physically. Our human body needs the balance between mental and physical exercise to help us stay in equilibrium. Having this balance comes "mental" leisure, the spiritually type.

Life may be tough, work may be demanding, but with proper mental balance coupled with physical activities, you can be at leisure.

This is what I call "leisure in style" of the intrinsic form.

You can go for physical work-out alone or in a group. The advantage of solo is the freedom to do what you instantaneously decide. However, having a group enhances team-spirit.

Indoor or outdoor is optional.

Just feel relax and you can indirectly feel in leisure.

No material or expensive stuff may be required to be in this state.

Happy exercising to a LEISURE lifestyle.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Travelling In Style - A Fun Bus Ride

Ever wonder how beautiful a bus can be?

I am talking about the interior, not the exterior. The exterior is for commerical purpose.

What passenger wants is comfort while travelling.

A leisure ride home after a tiring day at work.

A relaxed journey home after school........
How's this bus for a change? It relaxes the mind while going somewhere. Nice isn't it?
Talking about leisure in lifestyle. This sure is one of them. A stylish ride.
Commuting to and from home is part of our daily life. But this bus do make life refreshing (that is, if you happen to board one of them!).